Australian VW Caddy

Electrical Additions

I have made the following additions to our

2006 Australian VW Caddy Van:

I fitted a:

75 AH Blue Apple Thumper Portable Power Pack

The battery pack fits nicely in the well under the passenger seat.

The Power Pack has now been in the vehicle since 2007 and is still going strong.

Wireless Reversing Camera

The reversing camera is fitted on the rear door roof support pillar.

The camera works very well in daylight but is useless at night.

The light from the LED's bounces off the rear window heating strips.

I have not found a better position at this stage.

It also is painful when I accidentally bump my head on the sharp fixture.

The wiring runs under the roof insulation.

Reversing Camera LCD Screen

The 5" Reversing Camera LCD Screen is fitted into the glove box.

The wiring runs through the centre con to my "Black Box" under the drivers seat.

  I have also fitted a 12V power point in the glovebox.

Power Distribution Box

The "Black Box" under the driver's seat is an old hair curling roller box.

I removed all of the internals and fitted a marine power board with fuses.

The item on the left of the switchboard is the:

"Vehicle Wireless Reversing System Receiver"

Redarc Smart-Start Battery Isolator

The Redarc Smart-Start Battery Isolator connects the vehicle charging system to keep the Power Pack charged at all times.
Information about this device may be found here.
The Battery Isolator was fitted by:

FNB-4WD at Mt.Barker, South Australia.

The Battery Isolator is installed on the frame near the car battery.

Heavy Duty cabling runs through the vehicle frame to the Thumper.

The small blue wire, in the left bottom of the picture , when connected to a 12 V source, will allow the car to be started from the Thumper battery.


I have recently revamped the wiring to my second battery.

May 1, 2017

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