Australian VW Caddy


 The Australian summer is often very hot.

To reduce the amount of heat coming through the roof and side panels I have insulated the VW Caddy in several places.

This also reduced the noise level in the vehicle.

The pictures below show where insulation was added.

This is the driver's side before insulation.

Driver's side panel removed.

I filled this space with aluminium foil covered polyester insulation.

I have recently continued with the insulation.  Pictures soon.

I filled the door space behind the panel with aluminium foil covered polyester insulation.

Roof panel removed.

The silver pads in the picture were already there.

I presume they are anti-vibration/sound deadening pads.

The wire you can see goes to the rear vision camera.

I added aluminium foil covered polyester insulation before I re-installed the roof panel.

Roof Panel reinstalled.

July 25, 2016

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