Australian VW Caddy

iPod Integration

I searched the Internet for a suitable iPod Adaptor for our VW Caddy.

I purchased the Neo Prolink 30001neo in 2007 from Advanced ICE for A$ 277.60.

The picture below shows the contents of the Neo ProLink package.

(Instructions not shown).

I did not need the top cable.

The following pictures show how to install the adaptor.

Remove the bezel from around the radio.  I did this with a flat knife.

The yellow areas are where the bezel clips in.

The picture above shows the four black screws holding the radio in place.

Remove those screws and you can pull out the radio.

Shift the gear shift lever toward the rear of the vehicle to make space for the radio.

Put a thick cloth on the area where you are going to place the radio.

The picture above shows the radio removed from its cradle.

The Neo ProLink Unit is plugged in.

This is a close-up of the plugs.

I taped the Neo ProLink black box onto some cables behind the glovebox with gaffer tape.

You can see where it is in the picture above.

The cables, from the Neo ProLink black box to the radio, are too short to make a good job of bolting the unit to the body.

I have to find some grommets for the cable to make it look tidy.

The cigarette lighter plug in the glovebox connects to my Blue Apple 75 AH Power Pack under the passenger seat.

We use this point to charge our GPS, Mobile Phone, iPad and iPod. 

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July 24, 2013

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