Australian VW Caddy

VW Caddy Batteries

I have replaced my battery with a:

Platinum Power 2000 N66MF
620 CCA
120 RC

The old battery was difficult to remove.
I had to remove the air filter box to make it easier.
The new battery is larger in size.

Pictures will follow soon.

I am still researching batteries suitable for the VW Caddy.

I have found the following batteries will fit:

Optima D35

Optima YellowTop D35 Ultra high-performance Spiralcell AGM (absorbed glass mat) dual-purpose deep-cycle and starting battery.
OPTIMA Yellow Top batteries have 3 times the cycling capability (rechargeability) with ultimate cranking power for your auto, car or truck to outperform traditional batteries.
Perfect for powering heavy electrical loads, including winches, audio systems, inverters, and other demanding vehicle accessories and electronics.
Lower internal resistance provides more efficient power output and faster recharges. 

The Optima model number for this battery is D35.

If you are replacing an Optima battery you already have, this model is the same as batteries marked 8040-218, 9040-218, YEL35, SC35DA, or N9935YEL.  

More information can be found below:

July 25, 2016

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